Hey Everyone, my name is Andrew Connelly and I run big red productions. Throughout the website, you probably saw the word "we" used a lot, but it's really me running everything. I've been involved in film production for many years and graduated from UMass Amherst with a degree in business & film. I've primarily produced my own short films, but have also worked in various capacities shooting commercials, documentaries, and tons of other content.
My passion for filmmaking started in middle school, and I continued to hone my craft throughout high school and later college. In my senior year at UMass, I was awarded "Best filmmaking" for one of my films, "last train", and since then have appeared in numerous film festivals. When not producing my own content, I have also worked on various Hollywood and independent features in the Boston area as a production assistant, grip, and assistant locations manager. 

Why are we called Big red Productions? I'm a big dude and happen to suffer from a rare genetic condition that causes my hair to be red. However, that will not stop me from producing quality content for you! If you need a video service done, don't hesitate to reach out! 

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